Urinary Stone (Kidney, Ureter And Bladder) Management

The Holmium laser has significantly improved the management of stones, providing a less invasive and more effective treatment. Holmium lasers and associated fibers fragment stones of any composition or size throughout the urinary tract.

Advanced Urology Institute at Titus utilizes the high powered Moses Holmium Laser, which in addition to the above benefits, also decreases surgery time and “dusts” the stone down further, significantly reducing the use of fragment extraction tools, thus even more decreasing the invasiveness. This technique provides for a 95% success rate with a single treatment as accessibility is improved as well as stone migration reduced.

Just as Moses parted the Red Sea, Lumenis created a technique for their laser to part the waters and attract the stone in place as the surgery is performed, as opposed to other lasers that can sometimes actually repel the stone.

MOSES works by modulating pulse to increase ablation at distance

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